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We are here to help you through the paperwork process. If at any point you need assistance please feel free to email our Service Center or contact your advisor directly.

Providing a simple way to complete the processing of your documents.

We have partnered with Docusign, an industry leader in digital signatures, to allow for our clients an easier way to sign and receive their completed paperwork. You can still fax, scan and send or sign your documents in person, however the online eSignature tool will allow for all parties to receive digital versions of your paperwork without any extra work on your side. Now no matter where you are you can review and sign your documents on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

There are two different types of documents that we need signed at BCJ, one is BCJ paperwork and the other is TD Ameritrade paperwork. In both instances you will be using Docusign to complete the process, however due to sensitive data being contained in the TD Ameritrade paperwork we have two different processes for getting the information signed. We will breakdown each of these as the BCJ Envelope and the TD Ameritrade Envelope below.

The BCJ Envelope Process

In the BCJ Envelope process an email is sent to the address we have on record for you. This email contains a link to an envelope of documents that we need for you and any other parties on our accounts to sign. You don’t have to worry about sending the envelope to anyone else, our system takes care of that for you. Once all of the parties have reviewed, signed, and submitted the documents our staff then reviews the documents and provides a copy to all parties that have signed the paperwork.

The TD Ameritrade Envelope Process

When opening a new account at TD Ameritrade or transferring funds the process is very similar for signing documents once you are authenticated. Due to the information contained in TD Ameritrade paperwork we need to talk additional steps to secure your information. The authentication differs from a new client versus an existing client. If you are a new client you will be asked for “out of wallet” information. This information is used to authenticate who you are so you can sign the paperwork. If you are an existing client you must first login to the TD Ameritrade website.

TD Ameritrade has created an entire website that details out even more information here. This website not only has additional documentation, but it also has videos that walk you through the process. We are also here to help you through this process, feel free to Email Us or call us at 480.483.1510 and ask to speak to someone in the service center.